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Weighted-average and spoilage costs

Waters Salad Dressing had beginning work-in-process in July of $248,320 consisting of $101,640 of materials and $146,680 of conversion costs. There were 16,000 units (one unit equals one case of salad dressing) in beginning work-in-process, 40% complete as to conversion costs. Materials are added at the beginning of the process. During November, 34,000 were transferred out; 1,000 were spoiled and 9,000 remained in ending inventory. The spoiled units were 60% complete for conversion cost. The ending work-in-process was 70% complete for conversion cost. Costs during the period amounted to $781,200 for direct materials and $1,009,280 for conversion. Waters uses the weighted-average-method and identifies all spoilage costs separately.

What is the number of units started during July?

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Finished units transferred during Nov. = 34000
Units spoiled during Nov. = 1000
Ending ...

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solution shows calculation of the number of units started during the month.