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Production Cost Report with Spoilage

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Production Cost Report (with Spoilage), Weighted-Average Method

Nader Paints makes an environmentally sound paint. The following data are available for the month of April:

Units Percentage
Beginning WIP Inventory, April 11,000
Direct Materials 75
Conversion costs 70
Units started in April 6,000
Costs incurred in April:
Direct materials $16,000
Conversion costs $15,800
Ending WIP inventory 3,000
Direct Materials 80
Conversion costs 60
Spoilage 200
Direct materials 100
Conversion costs 100

a. Prepare a production cost report using weighted-average costing.
b. Show the flow of costs through the WIP Inventory T-account.


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The solution explains how to prepare a production cost report with spoilage under weighted average method.