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What are the total equivalent units for Pampin (Famin) Company using the weighted-average method?

Pampin Company uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. The Molding Department is the second department in its production process. The data below summarize the department's operations in January.

Units Percentage complete
Beginning work in process inventory 9,600 50%
Transferred in from the prior department during January 43,000
Completed and transferred to the next department during January 45,500
Ending work in process inventory 7,100 10%

The accounting records indicate that the conversion cost that had been assigned to beginning work in process inventory was 17,328 and a total of 161,085 in conversion costs were incurred in the department during January.

What was the cost per equivalent unit for conversion costs for January in the Molding Department? (Round off to three decimal places.)


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