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    Process Costing System in Weighted Average Method

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    Weighted-Average Method

    Larsen Company manufactures car seats in its San Antonio plant. Each car seat passes through the Assembly Department and the Testing Department. This problem focuses on the Aseembly Department. The process-costing system at Larsen Company has a single direct-cost-category (direct materials) and a single indirect-cost cateory (conversion costs). Direct materials are added at the beginning of the process. Conversion costs are added evenly during the process. When the Assembly Department finished work on each car seat, it is immediately transferred to Testing.

    Larsen Company uses the weighted-average method of process costing. Data for the Assembly Department for October 2009 are:

    Physical Units Direct Materials Conv Costs
    Work in process, Oct 1* 5,000 $1,250,000 $ 402,750
    Started during Oct 2009 20,000
    Completed during Oct 2009 22,500
    Work in process, Oct 31** 2,500
    Total costs added Oct 2009 $4,500,000 $2,337,500

    *Degree of completion: direct materials, ?%; conversion costs, 60%.
    **Degree of completion: direct materials, ?%; conversion costs, 70%.

    1. For each cost category, compute equivalent units in the Assembly Department. Show physical units in the first column of your schedule.
    2. For each cost category, summarize total Assembly Department costs for October 2009 and calculate the cost per equivalent unit.
    3. Assign total costs to units completed and transferred out and to units in ending work in process.


    Do the problem above using the FIFO method of process costing. Explain any difference between the cost per equivalent unit in the Assembly Department under the weighted-average method and the FIFO method.

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