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Valuation of Manpower Inc.

Use the DES model to value Manpower, Inc. (not Manpower International).

a.I have attached the 10-year SEC data for Manpower Inc, for your use. Set up a DES spreadsheet model with these data.

b. Construct a plausible set of assumptions to suggest how the market might be valuing the company (the price was approximately $75/ share as of mid-April). You will have to deal with the WACC as well as the Input assumptions. Please be sure to justify your assumptions in a brief write-up and indicate (document) sources for additional data. I'm not looking for a discussion of the industry or of competitors -I'm interested in your model manipulation skills with some justification for your model adjustments.

c. How might you have to adjust your assumptions to suggest a fair price of approximately $95/ share? How about $55/ share? Please give numeric examples. Can you suggest why these assumptions might be unrealistic?


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