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SWIFT's implementation of the "smart card"

Question 1
SWIFT's implementation of the "smart card" is expected to

a.decrease the likelihood of electronic fraud.
b.remove the need for secret information to be sent through mail.
c.guarantee the identity of the sender.
d.all of the above

Question 2
A Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management program has all but which of the following requirements?

a.quality production
b.large safety stocks
c.close ties between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers
d.minimizing inventory levels

Question 3
Cash flow does not rely on which of the following?

a.the payment patterns of customers
b.the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve
c.the speed at which suppliers and creditors process checks
d.the efficiency of the banking system

Question 4
The owner of a call has

a.the right and the obligation to buy an asset at a given price.
b.the right and the obligation to sell an asset at a given price.
c.the right but not the obligation to buy an asset at a given price.
d.the right but not the obligation to sell an asset at a given price.

Question 5
In managing cash and marketable securities, what should the manager's primary concern?

a.Maximization of profit
b.Maximization of liquid assets
c.Acceptable return on investment
d.Liquidity and safety

Question 6
Which of the following securities represents an unsecured promissory note issued by a corporation?

a.Certificates of deposit
b.Savings accounts
c.Commercial paper
d.Money market fund

Question 7 4 points Save
The intrinsic value of a warrant to buy 5 shares of Merton stock at $55 per share is $20. What is the current market price of Merton stock?

d.none of the above

Question 8
Massa Machine Tool expects total sales of $10,000. The price per unit is $5. The firm estimates an ordering cost of $7.50 per order, with an inventory cost of $0.70 per unit. What is the optimum order size?

a.327 units
b.463 units
c.147 units
d.207 units

Question 9
Money market funds

a.are modeled after money market accounts.
b.are insured up to $100,000.
c.have a minimum balance of $2,500.
d.earn competitive market rates of return.

Question 10
The floor price of a convertible bond cannot fall below

a.the conversion ratio.
b.the conversion price.
c.the conversion premium.
d.the pure bond value.

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Question 1
d.all of the above
Smart card increases security, the card itself is a database which contains personal and financial information which are traditionally transmitted via mail, and various card holder authentication lessens the likelihood of fraud.
Question 2
b.large safety stocks
JIT processes items or goods as needed hence there is relatively no safety stock.
Question 3
b.the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve ...

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