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    Supply Chain management

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    Choose one Shell product (http://www.shell.com/home/content/products_services/solutions_for_businesses/dir_solutions_for_businesses.html).

    Describe the components of this product value chain.
    Inbound Logistic
    Outbound Logistics
    Marketing and Sales
    Strategic Alternatives

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    // The Shell Marine Products is constituted as the universal sales and the marketing business that involves rendering the specific fuels, lubricants and the technical support services to the marine industry. Before starting the paper; it is very crucial to discuss the products and throw light on the various related factors. //

    The Shell Marine Products render fuels, lubrication solutions and the allied technological services to the shipping industry through a system of more than 700 ports, in more than 60 countries. It works on the basis of providing the services to about 4000 customers that are involved in the wide range of shipping operations that incorporate the ocean-going tankers, containerships, cruise-liners, etc. And along with this, the specialized offshore exploration, production and the salvage vessels (Solutions for Businesses, n. D.).

    The product chosen belongs to the category of the marine products and the product is marine fuel. This involves the global obligation for upgrading the elite practices and the standards of the industry and the purpose is to guarantee the efficient delivery of the products to the final destinations in a liable and a secure manner. The demand for the broad variety of fuels is increasing, as well as the Shell Marine Products ensure that the product is retaining the reliability at ...

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