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state-of-the-art WMS

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When Toyota set up a spare parts distribution facility to support its operations in the UK, the automobile maker realized that a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) was critical. The WMS that Toyota chose not only tracks parts location, but produces a tag label, which gives part details and subsequent locations.

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A state of the art WMS helps companies to maximize product placement strategies, prioritize tasks, implement fair productivity standards, and increase logistics efficiency. In today's competitive world where operational efficiency, quality and customer service are key to success, a world class WMS system goes a long way in terms of ensuring efficiency in warehouse operations. In today's globalized and fast paced world, WMS is necessary to control the rapid movement and storage of materials in an organization's warehouse.

With the help of A modern Warehouse Management System, the warehouse management operations are fully integrated with the rest of your business. This means your sales, purchase, and warehouse departments are able to share and process information simultaneously. It also means you achieve better control over ...

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Why is a state-of-the-art WMS critical to the operation of a modern warehouse?

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QUESTION: Is the use of IT in logistics as advanced as the use of IT in other areas of business? Be sure to make a good argument for your position.

What is your opinion on ROGER's and KELLY's ANSWERS to the Question above? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a resource.


IT in Logistics is still growing but there are specific IT functions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse management systems (WMS), and Transportation management systems (TMS) that a business needs in order to support their operations. As far as advanced IT in Logistics there are many systems and software available to suit different business needs. I believe that more money is put into creating and manufacturing products rather than upgrading to a state of the art logistics program however there seems to be more focus on logistics operations today. Using IT in logistics can do many things for a business to include saving money and saving man-hours. The need for state of the art logistics systems is going to rely heavily on the IT world.

Reference: The Role of IT in Logistics. http://www.logisticsquarterly.com/issues/13-4/LQ_13-4.pdf

Yes, IT in logistics it does not have a choice but to be up to speed as IT in other areas of business. Logistics is the back bone to all this is how all business gets the equipment it uses. If IT in logistics was not up to speed business will fail. We must keep up the system in order for money to be made. Information technology (IT) is a major of the functions of logistics. IT is vital to increase the competitiveness of logistics companies. Due to the development of the communication technologies and IT systems companies have rely more on IT systems.



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