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    Gispo International Scenario: Change Management

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    An issue that has been observed at Gispo International is a clear lack of career path for employees. There are very few company executives and it is them who make all of the decisions. A very big concern is that within 10 years, all of these executives will be retired, yet the employees at Gispo are not prepared to take on their positions. Employees are complaining amongst themselves because of lack of communication, professional development, leadership from management. Yet, employees fear losing their job if they complain of the work environment.

    Demonstrate how all of the steps of change would be enacted, from diagnosing the need for change, determining the appropriate intervention, implementing the intervention (include leading change activities), and planning an evaluation of its effectiveness.

    Suggested Interventions:
    1. Individual Level - Coaching, Work Design, Employee Wellness
    2. Group Level - Team Building, Conflict Resolution, TQM, Empowerment
    3. Organizational Level - Restructuring, Performance Management, Culture change, Strategic Change

    You may take the perspective of an external consulting firm, internal change agent, or change manager within an organization. You should be clear on the level and type of intervention, and be convincing as to why that particular intervention was chosen (i.e., the data analysis should lead to the planning of certain action steps). The paper should include a detailed accounting of every step of the change process and change activities, including any necessary appendices (i.e. data gathering tools).

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    It is my goal to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how you, the student, should approach the assignment.

    I will walk you through each of the steps, and then finish with some final general comments.

    In regards to the first step, diagnosing the need for change, that is pretty much where we are already. The company executives know that unless something is done, the company will be in a very bad position in 10 years when they are all gone. You may want to investigate and do formal reviews of the following:

    Historical Review: History may repeat itself if you are not ready.
    Context Analysis: Internal and external factors that lead to the need for change.
    Cultural Analysis: Cultural shape will shape their approach to change.
    Structural Analysis: Function follows form (so understand this effect).
    Causal Analysis: Find the systemic and root causes.
    Change Complexity Analysis: Complexity of target drives complexity of method.

    Determining the appropriate Intervention: I will define these, and then we will discuss which ones may be good choices.

    1. Individual Level -
    Coaching, - This starts with frontline managers, and is a very key area that many companies miss out on. Your managers have to have a dialogue with each employee on a 1-1 basis. While the word "coaching" often implies training, that's one small part of it. "Coaching", ...

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