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There are 12 employees total.

Each of them clock in and clock out daily. There are not supposed to be more than three employees working at any given time, not even for one minute!! Create a visual that will show and calculate an overlap for two weeks.

Create a visual diagram using excel that shows a danger (red color) when 4 employees or more overlap their times. I also want to calculate the total time that is overlapped throughout the day.

Employee Start Stop
A 13:40 16:02
B 15:39 17:15
C 9:15 12:25
D 14:45 18:36
E 8:33 12:44
F 9:00 15:04
G 8:19 15:00
H 8:30 14:50
I 8:39 12:27
J 12:47 18:04
K 9:24 12:48
L 14:08 14:30.

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As you can see in the the attachment, I have divided the time ...

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