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    Government Disability Programs

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    There is a wealth of different programs, resources, and support groups out there for people with disabilities, as well as for companies managing the diverse needs of their employees.

    Go to the government website: Disibility.gov

    Go through the step-by-step process and choose an area of interest to you. Read more about the options available and the support provided.

    What have you seen that surprises you or that you were unaware were even available?
    How is this site helpful to companies who want to learn more to better support employees within their organization?

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    I was surprised and unaware that if someone could or would qualify for Disabled Veterans' disability that they would also most likely qualify for SDI or SSI as well. I knew servicemen who had served since sometime after the Vietnam War ...

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    An expert does an analyses of US government disability programs and the information that goes with it, especially that pertains to the employer.