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Government and Not-for-profit Acct: Hudson City for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2003

The following information relates to Hudson City for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2003:
? On January 31, 2003, the city purchased as an investment for its debt service fund a three-year, 6 percent, $1 million bond, for $998,000. During the year it received $3,000 in interest. At year-end the market value of the bond was $999,500.
? On December 31, 2002, the Foundation for the Arts pledged to donate $1, up to a maximum of $1,000,000, to finance construction of the city-owned art museum for each $3 that the museum is able to collect from other private contributors. During 2003, the city collected $600,000. In January and February 2004 it collected an additional $2,400,000.
? During the year the city imposed license fees on street vendors. All vendors were required to purchase the licenses by September 30, 2003. The licenses cover the one-year period from October 1, 2003, through September 30, 2004. During 2003, the city collected $240,000 in license fees.
? The city sold a fire truck for $40,000 that it had acquired five years earlier for $250,000.
At the time of sale the city had charged $225,000 in depreciation.
? The city received a grant of $2 million to partially reimburse costs of training police officers. During the year the city incurred $1,500,000 of allowable costs and received $1,200,000. It expects to incur an additional $500,000 in allowable costs in January 2004 and to be reimbursed for all allowable costs by the end of February 2004.
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