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    Products: differentiation, positioning and product life

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    What is the relationship between differentiation and positioning of products or services?

    What is the influence of the product life cycle on marketing?

    I'm looking for an answer that reflects the hospitality industry, geared to hotels.

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    Differentiation is the marketing your product or service as unique, different, better. Positioning is using that difference to target markets and build clients through the process of marketing. Differentiation can be as simple as the newness of the product or the uniqueness it brings. Atlantis in the Bahamas was excellent in the fact that the resort was unique in offerings and location, just off the coast of Florida. They are new (or relatively new now) with all kinds of activities and they are kid friendly. Families can come and spend time and so can couples ...

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    Short discussions on the three topics of differentiation and positioning of products, influence of product life cycle, and how it applies in the hospitality industry.