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    Closing the Sale

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    Why is closing the sale important? When might you use the different types of closing? How might selecting the wrong approach adversely affect the close? Provide examples. If a closing is not effective, what are your options?

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    Closing the sale means that the prospective client or customer is committed to take action. High-priced products and services involve many stages in the selling process. It's hard to earn money the easy way so it is just understandable that buyers take time to decide on buying products that cost much. It's almost impossible to find a buyer that decides to purchase a product at the first appointment with the sales agent. Sometimes it can happen but it is not the common expected way or practice. Some agents try to shorten the sales cycle by trying to push the closing of the sale at a short time. It is better to diligently follow the four phases (introduction, opening conversation, demonstrating the ability of the product, and obtaining a commitment) so that it won't appear that the agent is forcing on the issue and when the buyers realize this, they become offended and resort not to buy at all.

    Another importance of closing the sale is that it gives a clear understanding of what the sales agent and the buyer expects to happen after the interaction. They set the objectives and the buyer shows commitment to buy the product by agreeing to take action that can lead to a possibility of a purchase decision (Clausen, 2010). A sale may also close with the sales agent earning the sale. A sale may also close without any commitment from buyer or there shall be no sale from the buyer.

    Different types of closing a sale and when they are used:

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