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Journal Entries for Preferred and Common Stock Issue

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A corporation was organized on January 30 of the current year, with an authorization of 20,000 shares of $4 preferred stock, $12 par, and 100,000 shares of $3 par common stock.

The following selected transactions were completed during the first year of operations:

Jan. 30 Issued 15,000 shares of common stock at $21 per share for cash.

31 Issued 1,100 shares of common stock at par to an attorney in payment of legal fees for organizing the corporation.

Feb. 24 Issued 20,000 shares of common stock in exchange for land, buildings, and equipment with fair market prices of $55,000 $120,000, and $45,000 respectively.

Mar. 15 Issued 2,000 shares of preferred stock at $54 for cash

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Your tutorial is attached in Excel and gives you two important points to remember when making journal entries for stock issues. The journal entries for the transactions are shown.

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