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Impact of Technology

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How does technology impact Christmas (or any) gift giving both from the consumer and business perspective? Think in terms of both the process of obtaining the gifts and the nature of the gifts themselves.

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Technology has greatly affected the way people do business and the way customers buy the items they want and need. Christmas is fast approaching and among the gifts that are on the Christmas lists are gadgets and other technology devices. Both children and adults want tablets, video games, smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, robotic pets and other related devices and gadgets as gifts for Christmas.
Retail businesses know that the new generation is composed of children and teenagers who grow up in a world surrounded by technology and the internet. They use their gadgets and devices on a daily basis. As such, businesses use technology as a medium to promote their products. They advertise online and many of these gifts are found on e-commerce websites. Children inform their parents which item they want and their parents can ...

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How technology has affected gift giving both from the consumer and business perspective is determined. Marketing technology is analyzed. The solution is 586 words with two non-APA references.

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