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    What is your impression of Guajilote as a business venture? Conduct a SWOT analysis and more...

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    1. What is your impression of Guajilote as a business venture?

    2. Conduct a SWOT Analysis of Guajilote.

    3. Does Guajilote have a competitive advantage and/or a competitive strategy? Justify your answer.

    4. Describe the components of the value chain in the production and sale of mahogany in Honduras.

    5. What strategic alternatives are open to Guajilote? Explain and justify your answer.

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    1. The business is certainly located in rural areas and considerations of how this may affect tribal people should be considered. The use of natural resources can be profitable but environmental considerations such as the impact of deforestation on the global climate needs are vital. Mahogany is a rare wood and the tree does take a long time to grow. This business venture should plant so many trees for each Mahogany tree it finds felled.



    1. Setting up hand sawmills at the fallen trees.
    2. Developing a knowledge of markets and business practices.


    1. Contributing to Honduras' economic growth.
    2. Establish a good working relationship with distributors like ...

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    "This includes providing jobs for workers in greenhouses cultivating the seedlings. A proportion of the sale of the wood could be allocated to..."