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SWOTT: Pre-Order New Game Releases

Best Buy wants to offer a new service that caters to those who like to play video games. The service would allow gamers to pre-order new releases for an extra fee and play them two weeks prior to the actual release date. When they pre-order the game, they would receive a code to download a special version of the game where they would not only be able to play the game first, but they would be able to unlock special features of the game that would only come with the pre-ordered version. These features can then be transfers over to the actual game when they get it.

Complete a SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends) analysis on the new product or service.

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S: The main strength case is that you can build an advantage because this type of product is not frequently marketed and sold. This would give an immediate competitive advantage to Best Buy, which Best Buy can then use to begin saturating the market.

W: A problem with this strategy is that the economy is not thriving to the point where consumers may want to spend extra income on a non-essential good, particularly when they're paying an additional fee for the service. ...

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This solution shows how to complete an SWOTT on a new service that caters to those who like to play video games.