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    SWOT Factor Analysis Summary - Panasonic Group

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    A SWOT Factor Analysis Summary for the "Panasonic Group".

    IFAS table, narrative & Financial Ratio. Table are to be presented in Excel format, and one narrative is to be written in a Word file explaining your findings.

    Plus Financial Ratio findings. Two files are to be submitted for each: (One Excel file and one Word file).

    Please include references! Thanks

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    //Prior to discussing about finding of IFAS table and narrative & financial ratio, we will briefly talk about Panasonic Group to reflect its general information. So, firstly we have talk about Panasonic Group under the heading of Introduction, for example: //

    In the year 1918, Panasonic Company was established and it is based in Japan. Throughout the world, this Japanese multinational Corp. produces and sells a variety of electronic products, components and systems including video and audio equipment, information & communications equipment, electronics, home appliances, etc. The company manufactures products not only for home consumers but also for business & industrial users as well. Besides that, the company also provides non-electronic products & services i.e. home renovation services (Panasonic, 2009).
    //Above we have discussed about Panasonic Group that provides a vast range of electronics and technology products to its customers. In this part, we will talk about the findings from IFAS table. You are free to add more in this part, which you find suitable.//

    The IFAS (internal factor analysis summary) ponders the strengths and weaknesses within a company in diversifying sectors. Through efficaciously keying out strengths and weaknesses, the internal environment of Panasonic Group can be described.
    • The Panasonic Group has strength in making new offers for new lifestyles and also arriving upon a variety of incomparable ideas.
    • The company produces technological advanced electronic products at affordable prices with superior features.
    • Over all its industrial and business functions, Panasonic Group functions with an eminent R&D and continuous innovation that ...

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