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SWOT analysis

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* Perform a preliminary SWOT analysis of strategies chosen for the project. A SWOT analysis consists of examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the strategies being considered for implementation from a general overview orientation.
o Strengths: In general, what does the organization or situation already have working in its favor that will aide in implementation?
o Weaknesses: In general, what does the organization or situation have working against it that will hinder implementation?
o Opportunities: In general, what opportunities will this strategy or strategies offer the organization or situation?
o Threats: In general, what threats confront the organization or situation if the strategy is not implemented or if it is implemented poorly?

* Indicate how these strategies could be implemented. Particular attention should be paid to any issues within the organization or situation that would make implementation too costly or likely to fail to win sufficient support from stakeholders within the organization.
o Particular attention should be paid to potential resistance to change within the organization
o Prepare a rough budget or financial overview of the cost of implementation.
o How will this project ensure management success under remaining cost, schedule and performance requirements?

* This assignment should form the basis for how this project will come together. This will facilitate charting the direction and assessing the overall value of the project and evaluating the challenges that the project will encounter and provide a rough draft of the Phase refinement of your SWOT analysis.

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//Prior to implementing any strategy in the business process in a practical way, the effectiveness of the strategy is required to be evaluated essentially. The best way to do the strategic evaluation of any strategy is the SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis of any company's strategy can be done after having an overview of the background and concept of business of the company. In this relation, in the beginning of the section, the overview of the Hewlett Packard is summarized under the same heading.//

Overview of Company:

Hewlett Packard is US based company, which mainly operates in the field of the information technology. The main business of the company includes manufacturing of the hardware and software as well as providing computer related services to the global customers. The existence of the company on the global level is in about 170 countries (Hewlett Packard, 2010). The company follows the general growth strategy in the long run for the future business success. The implementation of this strategy in the long-term would be done based on its favorable and unfavorable aspects.

//After having a brief knowledge about the business of the company and its general strategy, the SWOT analysis of its general strategy can be conducted in an effective way. In this regard, the SWOT analysis of Hewlett Packard is conducted in the following section under the same heading.//

SWOT analysis of General Strategy:

For the project, the company has mainly the general growth strategy. For the association of this strategy, the company has carried strong operations and merger. All these strategies are required for having long-term success of the business. For this purpose, the favorableness of such strategies is evaluated under SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis comprises the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The detailed description of all these is done as under:

Strengths: The analysis of the strengths is done based on the efforts the company has already made for the strategy implementation. The main points of strength in this regard are as under:

The company has already made partnership with more than 1000 companies for the development of the new products and services. The company is providing various kinds of resources, tools and programs to deliver favorable and beneficial results to its partners for accelerating its momentum in the current market (HP Shares Growth Strategies for Channel Partners at its Americas Partner Conference, 2008).
HP has gone into a merger with Compaq in the year 2002. With such an assistance of this ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1303 words (6 slides) with references.