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    Pfizer SWOT Analysis

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    Please create a SWOT Analysis for Pfizer and make strategic recommendations.

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    SWOT Analysis


    1. Brand recognition as global leader
    2. Large advertising budget
    3. 15,000 scientists involved in R&D
    4. Global sales
    5. Vast resources


    1. Rigid and bureaucratic structure
    2. Oversaturation of sales visits per healthcare provider
    3. High fixed costs due to sales force payroll
    4. Too high administrative expenses
    5. Lack of diverse revenue streams


    1. Licensing opportunities
    2. Credit crisis leaves diverse, yet complimentary companies open to acquisition
    3. Large Baby Boomer market depends on pharmaceutical to improve quality of life
    4. Emerging China and India markets


    1. Generic pharmaceutical market has passed brand pharmaceutical market
    2. Plaintiff lawyers target Pfizer and seek huge damages
    3. Increasing regulation
    4. Pressure from HMOs and patients to lower prices
    5. Stiffer competition from smaller pharmaceutical niche companies
    6. Patents expire ...