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    Market Planning Performance

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    Perform a product launch of Marketing Management for a sample plan. I have to select a home country other than the United States, and choose an organization for which I will work and a product/service for your launch. Explain market needs, market growth, a brief SWOT analysis, competition, product offering/product definition, product identification, and justification for choice of product.

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    Market Planning

    The success of an organization is based on the selection of appropriate market planning as adequate market planning leads to the success of a particular product launch in a certain market. For this, UK market is selected as home country for launching of wooden handicraft product by Amazing Craft Ltd. This paper includes market needs analysis, market growth, brief SWOT analysis, availability of competition, product offering/product definition, product identification etc. in context of UK market for the purpose of effective market planning.
    Market Needs & Growth
    In the current era, most of the customers concentrate to purchase several luxuries and decorated products to decor their home. Conspicuous consumption is also increasing in UK (Friedman & Ostrov, 2008). UK customers import handicraft products from other nations like India as in 2009-10; the Indian handicraft companies have covered 10.64% business from UK customers (Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, 2011). Due to favorability of handicraft products by UK market, there is a significant scope for the growth of handicraft products in UK. Additionally, UK is second largest place for Indian handicraft industry to export their products (Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, 2011). Instead of this, per capita income in UK is quite affordable to purchase luxuries and decor home products like handicraft products (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The changing needs of UK ...

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