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Management SWOT Analysis


As a strategic business partner, HR is called upon to develop initiatives and policies which are aligned with the goals and vision of the company. This may include policies involving staffing, employee relations, pay and benefits policies, performance management, change management, training/development, and many other areas.

Before recommendations can be developed, it is critical to first engage in an analysis of the current situation. Some of the areas that may be considered in the analysis process include identifying the strengths and weaknesses of current policies, opportunities that exist for change to policy, and what threats/challenges may hinder changes to policy (SWOT Analysis)?

As the manager you anticipate making many recommendations for policy change and you plan to conduct a detailed analysis. The critical areas in which you intend to focus initially include staffing, policy review, training, performance management, pay practices, benefits, career development/recognition, and retention.

As you consider this type of analysis, 1. how do you feel it will affect the recommendations that will eventually be made? 2. Do you believe it will have an impact on the level of resistance you may face in presenting your recommendations? 3. How will this analysis process affect the success of the implementation of new policies?

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The SWOT analysis will help identify the areas which need improvement as well as those areas that are functioning very well. This includes identifying the type of staff that are working well in their postiions and those that are not. It will also have analyze which positions are important to the gaols of the company and which could be eliminated. It will also identify which policies are helpful and which hinder the profit making potential of the company. The SWOT anaysis will produce recommendation on future training to improve employee knowledge which will in effect ...