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Calculating key financial ratios

Individually, calculate the key financial ratios using the information given in this spreadsheet. Put these calculations in a spreadsheet and describe how they were obtained.

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Key financial elements

There may be situations were the industry is very attractive but a few companies within it might not be doing all that well; similarly there may be one or two companies which may be doing exceedingly well while the rest of the companies in the industry might be in doldrums. You as an investor will have to consider both the financial and non-financial aspects so as to form a qualitative impression about a company. Some of the factors are

- History of the company and line of business
- Product portfolio's strength
- Market Share
- Top Management
- Intrinsic Values like Patents and trademarks held
- Foreign Collaboration, its need and availability for future
- Quality of competition in the market, present and future
- Future business plans and projects
- EPS, its growth and rating vis-à-vis other companies in the industry.
- P/E ratio
- Growth in sales, dividend and bottom line

Company management
The quality of the top management is the most important of all resources that a company has access to. An ...

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