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Able Corporation Analysis

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I need to create an analysis for Able Corporation. Please assist me with this!

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First of all, let us compile a SWOT of Able:

SWOT Analysis of Able:


Wide range of products for both consumer and professional power tools market.

Strong presence in circular saws with excellent brand equity and loyalty.

Strong reputation as an innovator in the Cordless segment


Except for Circular saws, market share is very weak in other product segments.

Outdated manufacturing base and low operating margins due to lack of investment.

Product costs high due to obsolete manufacturing practices.

Friction among the management and the employees.

Lack of concrete marketing strategy.

Lack of ability to capitalize on innovations in the cordless segment.


Opportunity to tap the fast growing cordless market with innovative products.

Opportunity to tap the consumer channels in the professional tools market.


Threat of competition from other stronger and more efficient players.

Threat from superior marketing power of other players.

Threat from high product costs and inefficient operations that is leading to loss of market share.

Threat from internal conflict and low employee morale.

The two most important objectives which I would like to highlight are as follows:

1) Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction: One of the most important reasons for Able for not achieving dominant market share in products other than circular saws has been poor quality, high production costs, primarily due to outdated machinery and production processes and techniques, which ultimately leads to poor brand image and low customer satisfaction. The primary reason for such circumstances have been poor attention on customer satisfaction, quality and innovation by the previous maangement which believed in traditional ways of doing businesses. In an era of extreme competition, where innovation and quality are directly linked to increased customer satisfaction and increased market ...

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I need to create an analysis for Able Corporation.

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