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Strategy implementation and control

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Review the Individual Projects you completed in Unit 1 for the Able Corporation. Do an external analysis (opportunities and threats) to determine how to best launch your company into the market place. Prepare a business plan for Able Corporation for presentation to the SOS-C of Walden International. As part of this group project prepare a detailed outline of a business plan, in presentation format. Please keep in mind that this is an outline, there is not enough time or information provided to prepare a full business plan. Assign the following elements to members of your group:
? rudimentary mission statement
? key operating principles
? Key elements of a market analysis
? External analysis (opportunities and threats)
As a group, use the Discussion Board to decide upon one-year, five-year and ten-year strategic objectives. Provide as many strategic objectives pertaining to the various levels, corporate, business, functional, and operating as possible. Also, please keep track of possible alternative strategies and points of contention in your group discussion. Include how an organization re-evaluates itself during a five-year or ten-year period and restructures itself and the way it handles the work.

***I need help with the key operating principles***

Attached are copies of the Unit 1 Individual Projects.

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· We intend to have a worldwide presence in the field of power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves and ranges. - This is our specific focus and point of business development.
· We deliver competitive advantage by bringing a new quality and performance to the business.
· We work to clearly define your specific needs and outcomes, before attempting to sell our equipment - we have the information gathering and communication skills to do this efficiently.
· We provide after sales service that address your specific outcomes in an integrated and systemic manner - we do not attempt to address one part of an equipment without consideration to the complete equipment performance.
· We improve quality of our equipment through open communication and feedback with you - demonstrating what we are improving at all times.
· We build solid working relationships with our high profile chain shops so that we may function as a fully trusted partner to your business - to deliver quality equipment with integrity.
· We ensure customer independence by providing after sales service solutions that are convenient and economical to our customers.

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