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    Able Corporation Analysis and Business Analysis Process

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    Able Corporation Analysis and Business Analysis Process as well as its introduction into the global marketplace and how it must first be preceded by a thorough and comprehensive business plan.

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    Able Corporation Analysis and Business Analysis Process

    The introduction of the Able Corporation into the global marketplace must first be preceded by a thorough and comprehensive business plan. The formulation of this plan must be based within the strategic management process. Focus must be given on steps of implementation of this plan and the knowledge of Able will be vital in the selection of a principle to utilize for prioritizing these steps. Objectives must be set, the creation of a mission statement must be identified, constant evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan through feedback mechanisms must be in place, and consideration of ethical and legal issues concerning the globalization of Able must be addressed.

    Able Corporation has been a highly successful North American company in the area of lawn equipment, power tools, appliances, and lawn furniture. According to the information provided, product quality must be of sufficient levels due to the high-profile companies that retail their merchandise. Able must first establish a mission statement that reflects a clear and concise outlook for its six-month integration window. "A mission statement needs to be a managerial and staff commitment that's developed by your organization's leaders following an exhaustive dialogue between all levels of the organization" (Hader, 2006). Although it is recommended that this mission statement comes from within the corporate infrastructure of the company, there are clear objectives and information which can enable an external contribution. A possible Mission Statement for Able at this time may be:
    Mission Statement: To become a recognized world supplier, pioneer, and innovator within the lawn equipment and power tools industry and to excel in customer satisfaction, quality of product, and innovation by displaying performance consistency and global integrity.

    According to Robert Wasson there are five steps to evoke effective strategic change. First, there must be an understanding of what needs to be changed. Second, clearly defining the change process is an integral part of clarity of understanding the process. Third, in order to have an effective strategic change the process must be resourced properly. Fourth, the changing company must pay attention to its people. Finally, and most importantly, the Corporation undergoing strategic changes must have leaders that lead from the top.

    In order to begin a comprehensive business plan and construct strategic objectives for Able, all available information on the company must be obtained. According to the process objectives, it is known that this case is in reference to a company trying to globalize. Secondly ...

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    Able Corporation, a successful manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of equipment in North America is moving into the global market. It is necessary to create a new vision and mission for this move. The implementation of different strategic objectives and principles are required at this point. Implementation of these strategies and an examination of legal and ethical concerns is the primary focus during this stage of transition.