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    Working with Stakeholders for Kohl's Department Store Kiosks

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    Kohl's, a nationwide chain of department stores, recently rolled out a new information system that integrates their store-based and online retailing operations. Kohl's installed kiosks in all of its stores that connect directly to its website. Shoppers who are unable to find an item that they want in the store can search for it online using the in-store kiosk, and have it delivered to their home with free shipping.

    Who do you think were the principal stakeholders for the Kohl's kiosk project? What would have been the primary concerns of each stakeholder group?

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    The principal stakeholders for the Kohl's kiosk project are the company stockholders, the store employees, the shipping companies, the kiosk software developers, the customers, and even the Kohl's bondholders. The stockholder's primary concern is how this new idea will affect profits. The direct order and shipping idea may or may not prove to be a good decision in the long run. Will the kiosk's software and free ...

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    Studying the principal stakeholders for a new Kohl's Department Store Kiosk.