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    The Asda Way of Working

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    Read "The Asda Way of Working" (pages 201 -205) and answer all case-related questions posed on page 200.

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    How would you evaluate the change leadership of Archie Norman and his top executives during their first six months?
    Archie Norman took over Asda when it was in dire straits. The workforce was in complete chaos and was run more like a dictatorship. Norman took the company from a non-existent communications ran company into an organization whose values were based on equality and accountability. He encouraged staff to take risks and not be afraid of mistakes. He involved everyone and made the business everyone's business. When a leader changes the motivation of the organization from a stagnant, non-innovative organization to a thriving group of risk takers (innovation), an organization will be productive and competitive.
    Changing the leadership team was an important step in his change plan. Bringing in new blood which hadn't any preconceived notions of the retail business was a bold step; ...

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    This solution is a case analysis of the "Asada Way of Working" and answers all case questions on page 200 in chapter 9 from the book Implementing Organizational Change: Theory and Practice