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Survey Instrument Problem Assumptions

One of the major problems facing the designer of a survey instrument concerns the assumptions made. Research and discuss what are the major "problem assumptions"? How can a designer avoid them? Should he avoid them?

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Major "problem assumptions" and how a designer may avoid them. Should he avoid them?

A survey instrument designer may have the following problem assumptions:
1. That the respondents have the same level of understanding or comprehension of the words and the way the items were constructed. Some designers assume that all people can understand technical terms or other categories of terms. This can be avoided if the researcher has basic information of the related capabilities of intended respondents before crafting the instrument. Having been aware of their comprehension capability, the instrument designer could adjust the difficulty level of the items.
According to Zikmund (2003), to assume that people will understand the question is a common error. To him, people may simply not know about what is being asked or that they may be unaware about the product or the topic of interest.

2. That the respondent engages ...

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This solution discusses major problem assumptions facing the designer of a survey instrument.