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    Short & Long Term Environmenal Sustainability Objectives

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    One short term and one long term objective re: environmental and sustainability for my international business.

    Please note this is not for any specific country in general.

    My short term and long term goals both need to include.

    People needed to implement:
    Budget needed:
    Profits or losses expected:

    Please cite all references.

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    Short Term and Long Term Sustainability Objectives

    One long term sustainability objective for a global corporation can be community involvement and economic development for the communities in which the organization conducts business. This means that the company will build a mutually beneficial relationship with its community that involves being sensitive to local cultures, contexts and needs (Epstein & Roy, 2003).

    A short term objective that supports community involvement and economic development would be to hire and pay appropriate living wages to disadvantaged workers within local communities. To accomplish this objective a company could be part of establishing or simply adhering to established industry codes of conduct (Epstein & Roy, 2003).

    The practical side of sustainability is that the company must act to put supporting policies, systems and measures into effect. Management must institutionalize these guiding principles by documenting and clearly communication them to employees. Driving sustainability programs through an organization is a substantial challenge and requires that management coordinate activities and motivate employees to accomplish the steps necessary for accomplishing the sustainability strategy (Epstein & Roy, 2003).

    If the company is simply following established industry codes of conduct, the needed time and human and monetary resources would be ...

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