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    Retailers in same industry that have two different target markets

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    Identify two retailers in the same industry that have two different target markets such as Walmart and Target, Amazon.com and Oriental Trading, Sears and Nordstroms, Gander Mountain and Hallmark Visit both retailers.

    Write a paper critiquing merchandise presentation techniques at each store. Discuss issues regard lighting, signage, comfort zones, and background music. Examine how the stores are configured. Also, analyze each store's entrances, exits, adjacencies, displays, and traffic flow.

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    Wal-Mart is an example of a company operating different retail stores within several major business segments. Target is an example of a company operating a general merchandise stores in the United States. The stores that the company operates are within the food line and general items. At Wal-Mart Stores, price leadership position has ensured that there is a continued need in meeting the customers' needs especially as a result of a difficult economy (Wal-Mart Reports July sales, 2011).

    Better merchandise presentation as well as low price message has assisted in capturing the attention of many customers for the stores hence more revenue generation. Presenting merchandise in a manner which is attractive grabs the consumers' attention hence increasing the amount of revenue that it generates. Merchandise presentation ensures that the merchandise is presented in an orderly manner as well as understandable which makes it easier for the consumers to find the product.

    Lighting technique is used to effectively, bring out the features of the merchandise which are put on display. Wal-Mart presented a good lighting technique as it has a garden section which displays the commodities that they offer for sale. Target is however known to employ a better lighting technique compared to Wal-Mart as Target has an area isolated with a main intention of displaying the ...

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