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This post addresses a big retailer causing stores to close

I am a Big Box Retailer that has been blamed for a family owned sporting goods company getting shut down. How do I get the owner on my side and help me with expanding my sporting goods department?

Name community leaders that can help me with positive press in the community.

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There are several things going on in this situation that need to be addressed. First, let's look at the family-owned sporting goods company getting shut down. For simplicity, let's call this store Company X. Company X is being shut down because the big store moved into town and basically took the customers away from Company X. This happens routinely with stores like Wal-Mart, Super K Mart, and other big supercenters. The supercenters move into the area, and eventually are able to acquire the majority percentage of the client base of Company X, because the Big-Box store can offer low prices and more products, because it is a larger company, and it is usually one of many Big Box stores, as part of a chain. The results are not apparent at first. Things take time to build, and as the majority customer base moves their purchases to the Big Box Store, Company X sees less and less business, and eventually due to declining profits, they can't make ends meet and need to shut down. Is it the fault of the other store? In my opinion, no, not directly, although it would appear as such. The communities benefit more from Big-Box stores, even though many are against them. These supercenters are able to ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion of a big box retailer (large store) moving into town, which forces the smaller stores to close.