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    Organizational Behavior, Culture, and Leadership

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    Attached is a The Pre-Analysis Worksheet that I need help developing:

    * A problem statement and a purpose statement
    * A brief cover letter to the board, which explains the role and purpose in the process
    * A one-page executive summary of the report, which captures the board's attention, explains how you approach the analysis, and summarizes the key points.

    The Scenario: As a management consultant assigned the task of evaluating any organization of your choosing from a behavioral standpoint for the purpose of preparing an executive summary for the organization's board of directors or like executive committee, based on organizational behavior, culture, and leadership.

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    Problem Statement: There needs to be an increase in the effectiveness of the North Carolina Department of Corrections ability to effectively rehabilitate criminal offenders so that they can re-enter society better prepared to be productive citizens. The recidivism rate is nearly 50% for offenders in this state which is very costly to the citizens of this state.

    Purpose Statement: The purpose of the development of this report or executive summary is to provide the North Carolina secretary of corrections and his administrative staff with an analysis of the probable reasons for the ineffectiveness within the North Carolina Department of Corrections that is resulting in the high recidivism rate for offenders.

    Cover Letter: The role and purpose in this process is to effectively analyze the operational paradigm in respect to organizational behavior, of Department of Corrections in order to ascertain what weaknesses exist within the operational paradigm of this organization, so that they can be corrected in order to make this organization function in a more effective and efficient manner. Key components of this methodology will include an analysis of the present situation in reference to the effectiveness of the organization, as well as the areas in which the organization is ineffective. This would lead to the development of the means by which ...