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Off Shoring and Near Shoring

What are the difference between near-shoring and off-shoring? What are the benefits to a company that uses these types of programs?

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What is the difference between near-shoring and off-shoring?

Off-shoring is when companies send jobs overseas in a plan to save the company funds. Customer service call center jobs are generally sent to India as the labor costs are lower. This is considered off-shoring outsourcing.

Near-shoring is when a company uses a third party that speaks the native language of the company and is in the same time zone of the company's normal business hours. Near-shoring is also a cost effective way to do business, as the job is outsourced but local. Near-shoring is effective since it is in the same time zone, if an issue arises, the ...

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The soultion discusses the differences between Off Shoring and Near Shoring, two major factors in how businesses try to save money by sending work outside of the company.