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    HR Management: What is off-shoring?

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    As follow-on to your previous discussions with your new boss (HR Manager) the question has come up how effective has the offshoring been for companies and has their reputation been changed by the offshoring of activities or services? Develop a paper to present to your manager that describes the issues and challenges companies face when deciding to outsource work and the impact that the decision may have on how they are perceived afterward.

    Some of the areas to include, but not limited to, in your discussion are the following elements associated with offshoring:

    A definition and components of off-shoring
    The impact on companies that have implemented off-shore operations.
    The impact off-shoring has had on the human resources departments for these companies.
    The implications for organizations when off-shoring reduces domestic jobs
    Explain if off-shoring has affected the company operationally, financially, or from a reputation perspective.
    Explain your thoughts on how off-shoring has affected the human resources departments around the United States.
    Provide specific examples of companies that have implemented off-shoring.

    Overall, off-shoring for companies has had both some successes and... {download your answer now}

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    Overall, off-shoring for companies has had both some successes and some failures (). This is because some situations or parts of business has worked well and have been perceived well by shareholders and the public/customers, while others have not. By definition according to sourcing mag.com, Off-Shoring means "Offshoring is a type of outsourcing. Offshoring simply means having the outsourced business functions done in another country." Some credit card companies and other companies that have customer service numbers (electronics and other technical household appliances come to mind here) have done a lot of outsourcing lately. Before this, American and to a lesser extent European , Japanese and South Korean companies have moved much of their manufacturing (making of products) overseas to developing countries where safety, work place laws may not be as strict and probably most importantly, labor is a lot, again a lot less expensive for them. This (even when shipping costs are included) allows for more profit for these companies/corporations.

    The reputations of these companies (or those that at least publically admit to it, because of mandatory disclosure and reporting laws, etc.), has been both good and bad. This depends first on whose perspective one is taking, from where that person resides, or put more specifically where that specific person's "heart lies" and perhaps even exactly what is being off-shored and "why" it is being off-shored to begin with. First, many shareholders and bondholders most likely do not care about of-shoring they care about profits, growth and sustainability. Related to this, at the upper echelons of the company (in other-words the executives whose jobs will not be in danger or peril because of overseas outsourcing), especially those towards at the very top of the corporation whose bonuses often depend on profits, do (usually or often-times rather) do not care if part of the company's work is off-shored as long as their profits maintain, lessen less and more and most importantly continue to display positive growth.
    On the other side of the coin, state, local and to a lesser extent (in specifically larger, more United States of America job loss ones especially) executive branch national politicians, whose constituents lose jobs because of outsourcing often become enraged by this. This especially occurs I would think near re-election time(s). This is because these people are entrusted with maintaining the financial security and developing or at the very least maintaining or further weakening their ...

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