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Individual and Organization Performance Goals

How can an organization ensure that individual and organizational performance goals are aligned? Describe how project progress and performance measurement is handled in your organization. Is it effective? How would you improve it?

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The daily production records/ work performance records of all employees is kept. The system of measurement is objective and uniform. The management tries to remove all work obstacles like maintenance of machines, the non-availability of tools and utilities at quickest possible time. There are well set systems. This ensures that every employee is getting equal opportunity. How performance is being measured and incentives decided are communicated to all employees. The individual grievances are immediately handled and satisfactory and objective solutions are found.

The organization can ensure alignment of individual and organizational performance goals by appropriate motivation frame work for individuals. The following steps are taken:

- Organization?s goals are defined and accordingly individual?s performance goals are ...

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This solution describes how an organization can monitor if individual and organizational performance goals are aligned. It also describes a 6-step motivation framework that organizations can use and provides recommendations for effective performance management.