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    I need help in analyses and format a business decision that may have turned out poorly.

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    Your manager is concerned and wants to make sure that you learned from this mistake and the likelihood of this happening in the future is minimal. Therefore, she would like you to email her a reflective analysis about that decision. Be sure to address the following in your analysis:

    1. Describe the decision and its relative importance to you as the decision maker.

    2. Three different theories associated with this unit's resources and readings to illustrate your decision making process.

    3. Compare and contrast your understanding of judgment and/or decision making using these three different theoretical approaches.

    4. What does this imply about our understanding of how to make judgments and decisions?

    5. How will knowledge of this analysis help you to make better decisions in the future?

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    1. The decision was to fire a worker who was alleged to have 'malingered' for more than a month on duty. This is an important decision to me because I need to improve the efficiency of the production center, but I also need to be fair to the person, I cannot be unethical in my decision to fire or punish someone meaninglessly.
    2. First I was led to firing the employee because the information was conveyed to me from formal communications network. Second, I did not have direct first hand knowledge about the person. I made enquiries but I was struck that bounded rationality of my decision could hurt a person. Third, I wonder if my decision was fair and ...