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    What Makes a Well Written Job Descriptions

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    Although there is no standard format for a job description, almost all well-written, useful descriptions will include these components: (1) Job title, (2) Summary, (3) Equipment, (4) Environment, (5) Activities.

    Explain what information should be contained in each section. Provide an example of a poorly written activities component.

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    Any well written job description should point out everything an employee would like/need to know in order for them to decide if the position is a fit for them. Activity components should not hide much of anything. The potential candidate should know location, responsibilities, hours and general expectations of the job.

    Job title:
    Some argue that job titles are extremely important; others feel that it is just a title. It depends on how it is perceived. Some would prefer Administrative assistant over Secretary. Same role, different name. Others do not care as long as they are paid fairly for these duties and responsibilities. No party of the job title should be left out. This can be misleading to a candidate and if they end up having more ...

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    This piece looks and job summaries and the definition of an appropriate job summary. This is good information for those in need of information for a HR or Business related course. 515 words.