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Grade Calculation using Excel

I am looking for someone to build a very simple spreadsheet for me. It's for me to predict my grade in a class.

Here is the the setup. DO NOT USE POINTS. The number in parenthesis is the number of each that I have in the class.

Exams (2) 100
Projects (7) 75
Semester Project (1) 25

My grades so far are as follows:

Exam 1 : 63%
Project 1: 80%
Project 2: 100%
Project 3: 97%
Project 4: 95%
Project 5: 92%
Project 6: 95%

No grade yet for Exam 2, project 7, or semester project. My grade WITHOUT Project 6 is 75.8 to give you an idea of where I stand now.

Please set up an excel spreadsheet so that I can input different numbers for the outstanding items to determine my status in the class. Also, please do the spreadsheet in a way that I can see my accurate grade without the unknowns. I will add the unknown grades.

Solution Summary

This was a personal request by a student for a specific class. It was done in Excel so use it as an example if anything.