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Criterion Related Validity

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Assume you gave a general ability test, measuring both verbal and computational skills, to a group of applicants for a specific job. Also assume that because of severe hiring pressures, you hired all of the applicants, regardless of their test scores. How would you investigate the criterion related validity of the test?

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// Process of hiring requires greater efforts and application of valid tests. Sometimes, it so happens that due to severe hiring pressures; applicants, regardless of their test scores are hired. So, here I am explaining the criterion related validity of the test as under: //

Criterion Related Validity

The validity of any test is measured by considering the extent up to which it can measure what it is expected to measure. The validity of a test is measured in terms of its particular use for which it was executed. There are three approaches to investigate the validity of a test. These are criterion-related validity, content-related validity and ...

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