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Appropriate limits of privacy

In terms of privacy, what are appropriate limits of privacy? Specifically, should there be boundaries on group pressures for intimacy... 1) What about church ministers who encourage people to hug each other, or 2) In groups, being encouraged to disclose more about one's life than is comfortable? Address each one for discussion.

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In terms of limits of privacy or boundaries when it come to sensitive topics such as touching, hugging, disclosing personal information, etc. The Church and its leaders refer to the Holy Bible and its teachings to dictate the behavior of its members and the overall church congregation. There are several biblical passages that are referred to when discussing such areas. These biblical teachings will justify any sorts of 'non-existent' boundaries within the church. The Bible verses include:

1 Peter 2:17, 3:8 "The relations that members of churches stand in to each other oblige to love; being fellow citizens of the same family, are brethren to each other, and make one fraternity, or "brotherhood," which they ...

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The solution discusses the appropriate limits of privacy.