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How to Analyze the Life Cycle Steps for an Information System

Explain the life cycle of an information systems.

Apply the steps of the life cycle to the scenario listed below:

Imagine that you run a photography printing store. Your employees have been using punch cards for time entry since you started the business. This has lead to many problems including lost cards, inaccurate hours, and employees punching in other employees. Because of these problems you are considering implementing a computerized time entry system. Describe each step of the life cycle, and apply it to your problem in your business.

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The Life Cycle of Information Systems:

The information system is the combination of information technologies and the people's activities to support the operations of a company. Information systems refer to the information and communication technologies that an organization uses and the way the people interact with the technologies. This leads to the support of the operations of the company's processes. The life cycle of the information systems is the process undertaken in the creation of the information system. The information system life cycle is a notion that is used for the development of the software process. The system development life cycle framework gives a provision sequence of activities that can be followed by organizations as they design a comprehensive information system (Welcome ...

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The solution discusses how to analyze the life cycle steps for an information system.