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A&C Distributors

1. A&C Distributors is a company that represents many outdoor products companies and schedules deliveries to discount stores, garden centers, and hardware stores. Currently, scheduling needs to be done for two lawn sprinklers, the Water Wave and Spring Shower models. Requirements for shipment to a warehouse for a national chain of garden centers are shown below.

Month Shipping Capacity
Product Minimum Requirement Unit Cost
to Ship Per Unit
Inventory Cost
March 8000 Water Wave 3000 .30 .06
Spring Shower 1800 .25 .05
April 7000 Water Wave 4000 .40 .09
Spring Shower 4000 .30 .06
May 6000 Water Wave 5000 .50 .12
Spring Shower 2000 .35 .07

Let Sij be the number of units of sprinkler i shipped in month j, where i = 1 or 2, and j = 1, 2, or 3. Let Wij be the number of sprinklers that are at the warehouse at the end of a month, in excess of the minimum requirement.

Formulate and Excel Solve, the whole problem, provide the Excel file.