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Dealing with Strategic Management

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What role do long-term objectives play in helping the enterprise make appropriate strategic choice decisions? How do distinctions between value disciplines and generic and grand strategies help build competitive advantage?

What are some disadvantages of low-cost leadership? Is it possible to have a differentiation orientation and a low-cost orientation at the same time? Why or why not?

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What role do long-term objectives plays in helping the enterprise make appropriate strategic choice decisions?

Long-term objectives are planned by management and used as a strategic tool to show the company's future direction. Long-term objectives allow management to guide the company in certain directions, which are in agreement with the overall objectives of the company. The objectives are then used to determine the appropriate choices. The long-term objectives and strategic decisions go hand-in-hand. Management will use their decision-making abilities to make the best possible choices for the company, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the long-term objectives. Appropriate decision-making is the main tool that is used to ...

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This solution discusses long-term objectives in relation to strategic choice decisions. Disadvantages of low-cost leadership and differentiation orientation strategies are also discussed.

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