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Keep your strategic plan alive...

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What can you do to ensure that the strategic plan in your organization remains a "living" document rather than getting placed on the shelf and visited infrequently?

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In order for an organization to ensure that its strategic plan is a dynamic and moving process, rather than one that becomes forgotten, executives (or similar persons in charge) need to include all levels of the company in every facet of the process. Once the process has begun, organizations will often find they have underlying issues that need to be addressed before being able to arrive at their final destination: the perfect end-state. The issues will vary and will obviously depend upon the industry the organization operates in. For example, a higher education institution may need to address different ...

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Some organizations take the time to gather their employees together and help form a strategic plan. But, it does not end there. Read along as I provide some tips and suggestions for keeping your strategic plan running, rather than leaving it on the meeting room floor.

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