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    Personal Professional Code of Conduct and Mission Statement

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    In 1200 to 1500 words,Build the Professional You: Your Code of Conduct and Mission Statement

    For this task, you are to engage in 3 tasks designed to aid you on your path as a professional. You are to develop 3 pieces to your professional puzzle:

    Your personal code of conduct
    Your professional code of conduct
    Your personal mission statement

    Research codes of conduct for different professions and organizations, and also research mission statements of different organizations. You may want to start with organizations that fall within your proposed career path. Based on your research, develop a personal code of conduct that is based on your personal values, a professional code of conduct based on your personal values and the values of your chosen profession, and a personal mission statement.

    For your personal code of conduct, consider the following questions:

    What makes you truly happy?
    What you value most?
    What gives you personal and professional fulfillment?
    What excites you?
    What are your gifts and talents?

    For your professional code of conduct, consider the following questions:

    What are your ethical responsibilities as a member of your proposed profession?
    How does your conduct support the mission of your organization?
    What basic principles of ethical behavior should be modeled?
    How can this code guide you through an ethical decision-making process?
    How will you deal with complaints regarding your behavior?

    For your personal mission statement, consider the following:

    What is your vision of the world?
    How will you make that vision a reality (or how will you contribute to that vision of the world)?
    Describe your standards of behavior to which you will hold yourself.
    Include all facets of your being: your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical components.
    How will you define your character?
    What image do you want to portray to the world?
    To whom are you directing this mission statement?

    Assemble all 3 statements into 1 document with distinct sections for each statement. There is no particular ordering in the document that must be used, but it might make the most sense to start with the personal mission statement, and then draft the 2 codes of conduct. It is acceptable for elements of the personal and professional codes of conduct to be the same because your personal and professional lives do overlap.
    Please do your work in APA format. Please proofread your word to make certain that the grammar and spelling are correct.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. As I reviewed the problem you selected, I have come to a conclusion that they are far more related to either the sociology of work or ethics, in particular ethics in business. But not to worry, I have come across this particular problem before and this is all about putting together a personal code of ethics. You are lucky as the outline of the paper is already set out for you in the question set. But, just in case, I will suggest the following simple outline:

    1. A discussion of Personal code of conduct that answers the set questions - 400 words.
    2. A discussion of professional code of conduct, as you see it - 400 words.
    3. A personal mission statement - 400 words.

    By the way, this solution 'pretends' that the speaker is nurses so that a professional code can be referred to in the dilution. All the sections will answer the questions set out in the problem above. In this manner, you will complete the task and ensure that you will fill the word count. The solution below follows this outline as a means to exemplify how it can be done. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section. Good luck with your studies.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    A Personal Code

    Growing up I have been told what is right and wrong, what shouldn't be done, what is acceptable according to a number of standards - that of my family and my parents, that of my friends, the schools I was in and the varied organizations and groups I am a part of - church, the library, sports teams, the gym, etc. Growing up I know that I cannot disrespect adults by butting into conversations or answering without any form of respect. Belittling people is also wrong as is vanity, pride and lying. I knew that these behaviors are wrong not only because I hear it drilled on me in church, in school and at home but because by performing them, I felt guilt and shame and by watching others commit them, I have observed the ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise to help the student tackle the problem set (see above) on the task of putting together a personal code of conduct and mission statement from an individual and professional viewpoint. The solution provides advise on how it can be done, suggests an outline and uses this outline to exemplify what is expected of the student via a sample narrative. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version is also attached.