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New Taxi Company In Sarasota FL

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************************NEw Taxi Company In Sarasota FL ***********************

•Describe the target customer for the product/service in terms of relevant characteristics that impact the marketing strategy, including location (how it should be reached) and buying habits.
•Identify each customer segment's specific wants and needs. Explain why they buy your company's product or service, or a competing product or service.
•Justify how well your product/service satisfies customer wants and needs. Identify any wants and needs that are not met by your product/service.
•Analyze the position of your product/service in relation to the competition. Identify the main competitors. Explain how your product differs in terms of features, function, quality, price, availability, brand image, and the like. Explain why this differentiation is important to your customers.
•Describe the source of competitive advantage for your product. Evaluate how sustainable is this source of advantage.
•Assess the long-term sustainability of the source of differentiation and competitive advantage.

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// Marketing plays an important role in ensuring high profitability and output of an organisation. In context to this, the present study is based on the marketing plan of a new taxi company in Sarasota FL that covers all the relevant and related aspects for the good establishment and set up of a new business. The following section reflects the target customers for the service along with their specific wants and needs. //
Target Customers for the Service

The new taxi company will have the target audience including business people, travellers, office employees, college students and working women. The company will only function in the city of Sarasota and will not provide any survive outside the city. The targeted people travelling in the city will be offered services by the company (Aspatore, 2002). The buying habits reflect that the people in Sarasota mostly travel by bus as it is the most convenient and easy mode of travelling in the city. The senior citizens or old age people pay fewer fares on these buses. The students in the age group of 18 years travel through these buses and pay fewer fares per ride. The visitors have an option to buy 20 bus cards or bus passports at any Goodwill Stores or Operations Street supervisor to get the cost benefit. The travellers in the country mostly prefer Sarasota Trolley to travel as it is cheap and comfortable. All these factors make it necessary for the new taxi company to offer its customers more advanced and cost effective services. The bus services in the country run from 5 in the morning to midnight with no service on the major festivals and holidays in the country. The new taxi service can provide the transportation service for 24 hours and also on the major holidays, which will help to enhance its business. Parking is not an issue in the city, which will benefit the new taxi company to park easily its vehicle in the main locations.
Specific Wants and Needs of the Customers

The main need of businessmen and employees is to reach the desired location within less time. The travellers want to get a cheap and comfortable source of travelling around the city. The students prefer the travelling mode that is convenient in the terms of both cost and time. Working women demand a safe and secure travelling mode. The service offered by the new taxi company will guarantee the low cost and help the businessmen, employees and students to reach their desired point within the time frame.

For travellers, the company will provide a friendly driver-cum-guide who will provide knowledge to the tourists regarding the famous places. The working women will get a safe ...

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