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    Procter & Gamble Cash Flow Analysis

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    The company's complete annual report, including the notes to the financial statements, can be accessed at the book's companion website, www.wiley.com/college/kieso.
    Click on Intermediate Accounting 15th Edition Visit Companion Site, scroll To Student Companion, then Browse by Resource, then click Annual Report, and then P&G 2011

    Instruction: Refer to P&G's financial statements and the related information in the annual report to answer the following question:

    d. What were P&G's cash flows from its operating, investing, and financing activities for 2011? What were its trends in net cash provided by operating activities over the period of 2009 to 2011? Explain why the change in accounts payable and in accrued and other liabilities is added to net income to arrive at net cash provided by operating activities.

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    The said annual report can be accessed at http://higheredbcs.wiley.com/legacy/college/kieso/1118147294/annual/PG_2011.pdf

    (in millions) 2009 2010 2011
    Cash flows provided by operating activities 14,919 16,072 13,231
    Cash flows used by investing ...

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