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Change in Cash due to Financing Activities

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Please determine the change in cash to the Financing activities of the following cash flow statement. Please explain your answer.

Assets 12/31/2011 12/31/2010
Cash $367,000 $329,000 $38,000
Accounts Receivable $80,000 $83,000 $(3,000)
Inventory $213,000 $199,000 $14,000
Prepaid Expenses $25,000 $21,000 $4,000
Fixed Assets $463,000 $419,000 $44,000
Accumulated Depreciation $(213,000) $(201,000) $(12,000)
Total Assets $935,000 $850,000

Liabilities &
Stockholders' Equity
Accounts Payable $112,000 $120,000 $(8,000)
Salaries Payable $30,000 $28,000 $2,000
Notes Payable $10,000 $17,000 $(7,000)
Bonds Payable $50,000 $30,000 $20,000
Common Stock $600,000 $570,000 $30,000
Retained Earnings $133,000 $85,000 $48,000
Total Liabilities & $935,000 $850,000
Stockholders' Equity

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Financing activities relate to raising money through equity and debt, debt repayments and payment of dividend. From the changes in the balance ...

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